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Update 4-30-22
New Scam Alert
AlphaOne operates much the same as ZiloTrade does.
Invest money, then when you try to remove it, they demand that you deposit more.

Update: 2-24-2022

Another SCAM site detected by the same crew.

Who knows how many sites this band of thieves runs?
Watch out for Growth Afirm.
Same players, same scam.
"Invest money" and after seeing your "profit" and trying to withdraw, they will tell you that you need to deposit more money in order to withdraw your money. Same thing they did to me on ZiloTrade.
They will say you need to "activate" your account, or "top off" your account to be able to withdraw.


They say that they're registered in the Netherlands, but their street address is in Pennsylvania and is occupied by a different company, and they apparently screwed up on their FAQ page where they say they are registered and regulated in Australia.
They are also another business without a phone number, only take "investments" in crypto, and they say they've been in business for many years, but only registered their domain recently. They also deal in billions of dollars for top companies in the world, but will let you invest as little as $50.

Read reviews from their victims


Update 2-19-2022

It looks like the thieves who run ZiloTrade have started a new scam called Reflex-Stake.
It is at

Confirmed: Reflex-Stake is the same scam rip-off fraud group as ZiloTrade.
An "investor" just made his first deposit into Reflex-Stake and George/Kaufman just screwed up and confirmed that he is now an investor in ZiloTrade.

And another:
RS is ZT

It has the same hallmarks of fraud that their other scams, ZiloTrade and ZilloxTrade have with suspicious addresses.
The company claims to have an office in Glendale, California. They show a "certificate of incorporation" that says their offices are in England and Wales, and their website was registered in Iceland.

They also claim the business was established in 2017.
But their domain was just registered on February 8, 2022.

The same person going by the name Kaufman Dylan on ZiloTrade is now using the name George Roberts with Reflex-Stake.

Do not send Bitcoin to Reflex-Stake, ZilloTrade, or ZilloxTrade.
If you do, you'll never see it again.

Where is Reflex-Stake located?
RS contact info
So, they're an investment company located in Glendale, CA (and they don't have a phone number.)
Here's where "George", the "owner" told someone they're located:

Domain registered in Iceland. Because businesses in Glendale always do that. Right?

If you ask them why their domain was registered on February 8th if they've been in business since 2017, they'll tell you that they renewed their domain on February 8th and so it just "looks like" it was created that day.

But that isn't true. There is a "created" date and a "renewed" or "updated" date.

Here's an example:

my registration
This is for one of my websites. Notice the ten year difference between when it was created and when it was updated.

Update 2-14-2022

Beware of a company called ZiloTrade posing as an investment company.
They claim to be in Switzerland at a non-existent address.
The domain contact is listed as being in England at a non-existent address.
The "owner" goes by the name Kaufman Dylan.
The "tech support" person who provides help via chat uses the name Clara Garcia.


Is ZiloTrade a real company? Can you trust ZiloTrade?
No. They will ask you to deposit Bitcoin.
Then they will show that you're earning a profit on your investment.
If you try to withdraw your money, you will be told that you need to ask the admin "for guidance" on how to withdraw.
You'll be given a link to him on Telegram chat where he will inform you that you need to deposit more Bitcoin in order to withdraw your Bitcoin.

It sounds crazy, but it's true.

kaufman thief

Based on the poor English, and the fact that so many new "investors" are from India, ZiloTrade is probably being run by scammers in India or Nigeria.